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Armed with a deep trust of birth but little knowledge of hospitals, I walked confidently into a hospital, 7 and 1/2 centimeters dilated and ended up with a cesarean. Two and a half years later, after much research, yoga and meditation, and with a fabulous midwife, I had a home birth after cesarean. I spent the next two plus years attending births, completing my doula certification and charting my course as a student midwife. My third pregnancy and birth (another home birth with the same midwife) shifted my focus towards studying and blogging until Nettie was ready for me to begin an apprenticeship. I am now an official PEP CPM student and plan to complete my studies in two years. I hope this blog will help moms discover their inner strength and help them find their way towards an empowered child birth.
EVERY mom/baby deserves an empowered birth. I have heard too much pain associated with people's birth stories. There must be change.