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July 30, 2007


ellen dee

hi! i noticed you don't get many comments, just wanted to say Thank You for posting this. had a gal go for a c/s last night, and i swear to you it was because the doc was tired and wanted to go home. it really upset me, and it makes things a little better to know that there are folks like you doing your best to educate women about the childbirth process.

:) thanks again


Thanks so much for the comment! I like to think that many of my readers don't comment because, like me, they just don't have time :-)! There are a lot of good birth blogs out there that I wish I could read (and comment on) on a daily basis but I hardly have the time to keep up this one! When the kids get bigger :-)..... So thanks for the comment and thanks for all those blogging on birth out there, you guys inspire me to continue!

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