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October 08, 2007



Can I get your husband to talk to my husband? :)
It took my husband about 7 months last time to get on-board with a birth-center birth, and after all was said and done (and that included a transfer for me for PPH), he doesn't understand why healthy moms even THINK of going to hospitals. I'm hoping that this time, by the time we get to month 7, he'll be on board with home birth. :) Thankfully, we're working with a group of midwives that do both.


He is half-way there! Matt said yes, if he would like to talk about it, give him a call, email me and I will pass along our number. Is your husband aware that there is no benefit (safety-wise) of a birth center over a hospital birth? The ONLY thing a birth center offers over a home birth (besides the peace of mind for those who are not ready for home birth or a safe place for those who do not have a safe home) are narcotics. Many birth centers do have narcotics available if mom really needs something to take the edge off. But narcotics are not a reason to birth in a birth center. Probably better to stay home and have a glass of wine :-).

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