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October 24, 2007



When sharing my birth story (hypno-birthing, natural, only at the birth center for two hours before my son was born) with other people, they tend to look at me like I've been smoking something. Then, when I tell them that except for about 20 seconds in the middle of two contractions (one in the car, one right before I realized that I needed to push) I experienced NO PAIN, I think they just stop listening. I get a lot of, "well, I'm glad that worked for you, but . . . " with sideways glances to friends that I can only believe indicates that they don't believe a word.

Don't get me wrong -- I'll keep sharing my birth story. But, until more people stop being inundated with warped images of birth, they're not likely to believe how wonderful it can be.


I know what you mean. We have SO much work to do.... But keep on sharing your story :-). What an awesome birth!

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