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November 02, 2007


Madame M

So kick up your feet already, G! ;o)


I am, I am! I've taken a nap every day this pregnancy, well, almost every day :-). And I didn't do any asana the first 4 weeks. And I am definitely waiting until my 20th week to run a marathon (tee hee).

Jennifer Mueller

Kat, while this news story matches your personal experience, I don't think that study is particularly conclusive. The entire thing is based on after-the-fact surveys of what exercise women remember doing. Those kinds of surveys are notoriously inaccurate. Unless I wrote it in my calendar, I can't tell you exactly what exercise I did a week ago, let alone for weeks leading up to a traumatic experience.


Everyone's experience is different but the reality is that the embryo/fetus is more fragile the first few weeks. When I had the excessive bleeding, the doctor said what might save me was that I was further along. A week or two earlier, and he said the fetus would probably not have been strong enough to survive. The exercises I was doing, a very rigorous step aerobics in the first pregnancy and an ashtanga practice in the second, were very high impact. I sort of always knew, and this was supported by the doctors and midwives who saw me, that it was the fact that I pushed myself so hard that I had problems. Tests were done and no other reason was discovered for the bleeding.

I think this article made me realize what I've always intuitively known, that I don't always take the time to take care of myself and that that has had consequences in the past. As I acknowledged, there were flaws in the study but if fixed, I still think you would find a higher rate of miscarriage among those with heavy exercise in the first trimester. Guess we need to do another study :-).


I'm not sure if it's ok to exercise during pregnancy..

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