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January 08, 2008


Navelgazing Midwife

Wonderful post!

And yes, being clear and not assuming people have the background info is SO important in writing/blogging. I know that sometimes it's a time crunch thing to eliminate seemingly unimportant facts, but in the long run, I've learned to write a post in bits and pieces and delay posting it for days instead of posting sooner and leaving some things dangling.

Your post today, where you thank your kids for the time, demonstrates the amount of time it can take to fill in the holes. You did a great job.

Thanks so much!


Steven Davies

"You're the midwife and you have a woman pushing for a couple of hours and you do a bacterial vaginosis treatment, having the woman push through two or three contractions... you don't feel any forward movement. What do you say? "Great! Things are progressing nicely!" Do you not say anything at all? Or do you look at mom and tell her there is no progress and you should probably think of the next course of action."
Your answer to this scenario is perfect!

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