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February 17, 2008



It is bittersweet to me, when my babies stop nursing. I miss that relationship and am a bit sad to see them growing up.

I think it is wonderful that you nursed so long and that you weaned gently. Good for you and him!


I was touched by the gentle and open way that you did this, and it sounds like exactly where I am at, 6 months preg, with no milk, sore sore nipples and a bummed out 2 year old. If you are interested, and again, this might be wierd to say, but Fen might want to nurse once the baby comes, as this is what happened to me when #3 and #4 were born...I was glad for help with the engorgement and was really warmly surprised at how smoothly we transitioned back into our nursing relationship. again, certainly not for everyone, but it worked for us. Much luck no matter what paths you choose, and love your blog!


Thanks for your comment! I actually did nurse my first when Fenimore was born. I weaned her at two in a similar manner, NEVER intended to nurse two, but when Fen was born, she really wanted to nurse and I thought it would ease her transition from only child to big sister. I am certainly not going to encourage Fen's nursing after the baby is born but if it happens, it is ok by me.

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