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February 12, 2008



Beautiful birth story, thanks for sharing!


Thanks for sharing your story. I googled HB bloggers and came across your story...much to my suprise or perhaps God's divine intervention...I learned your midwife is Peggy...who my husband and I have also chosen to lead us with our HBAC. It is so encouraging to hear this story AND that your baby was 10 lbs. 10 oz as my first was 9lbs 4 oz and the OB said my second would be at least a pound heavier and would prob result in a repeat c-sect. Good thing I am educated and did my homework...Good thing God led me to Peggy! I hope we are able to have the same rewarding experience.


This isn't my story, it is Tami's who graciously shared her story on my blog. My story is here, http://empoweredbirth.typepad.com/empowering_birth_blog/2007/05/a_story_of_two_.html and here http://empoweredbirth.typepad.com/empowering_birth_blog/2008/05/antoinettes-birth-day.html. I do know Peggy and she is a fabulous midwife! I can't wait to hear about your VBAC!

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