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July 22, 2008



Thank you for a wonderful blog filled with inspiring birth stories. I will link you to mine and I would appreciate it if you would list me in your blogroll under Empowered Mom Blogs.


You are on my list! Thanks for sharing your stories!


Hey, thank you for linking me but I have changed my new blog to his URL so please relink and I will relink you! Looking forward to more empowered moms in the world!

Tasha buser

I've never heard of the comb idea! I'll pass that along to my doula. It sounds like a good one!

coach factory store

Now it's huge, and sits outside on the back porch. We've warned the boys about it, and I make a point of collecting the fallen leaves and dumping them in tfdshe compost pile (composting will break down the toxins -- I checked), but it still makes me twitchy.

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