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August 27, 2008



Congrats on getting back to it all...love the image of you working with your ladies while Nettie is on your back!


About the doc who won't attend a 2VBA3C -- WHY NOT?? There is research out there that shows that if a woman has had 1 vaginal birth, her chances of having a successful VBAC are *much* higher than a woman who has only had C-sections. PLUS, if she's had a successful VBAC after one C-section, her scar is much less likely to rupture -- and the more VBACs she's had, the lower the rate of uterine rupture, to a point. There is also (a little) research on VBACs after multiple Cesareans and they show that the rate of uterine rupture is not greater than that after just 1 C-section.

If you can't find the studies, I'll look through my files and emails and stuff and see what I can find for you. If she's armed with, y'know, actual evidence supporting her choice, I'd think the doctor should acquiesce! (But, of course, that's in a perfect world.)


I am familiar with the studies. There is potentially one doctor who might be talked into attending this birth but only one and the jury is out as to whether he would attend it. Sad but true.

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