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September 24, 2008



how cool! We credited my amazing iron levels to all the spinach I ate while pregnant (so glad I wasn't pregnant in the fall of '06!!), but I didn't realize it helped build a stronger sac. :)


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Laser-eye Surgery. I never even considered this. The idea of
physically altering your eye seemed like ill-advised, too good to be
true, and would rather just put up with wearing glasses then risk it.
(You don't want to mess up your eyes). But something made me think it
could work for the first time -- that thing is Peter Jackson (King
Kong). I'd love to know what he has done. He used to wear glasses, but
now has no problem without them. If there was ever proof of eyes
working from an operation like that, it is his amazing artistic
accomplishment. Just look at a thing like King Kong: there can be no
doubt that his eye works as amazingly effectively as you could ever

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