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September 19, 2008



Hi - I linked to you regarding the race issue in your post:



As one of the 5% :( I have to say that I appreciated my midwife going with me more than anything. Dealing with the sharp contrast of home vs. hospital plus labor is bad enough. It was nice to have her there so I could continue to concentrate (as much as one can in a hospital and a semi-emergency situation) on my labor. The hospital staff was awful to deal with and I probably would have lost it had she not been there to ease the transition.

That being said, if we had been in a state where it was illegal for her to practice, I would never have asked her to accompany us to the hospital, not even as my doula. I think in those states, going it alone at the hospital is a risk the mother has to accept in order to protect her midwife.


Thanks for your comment! I absolutely think a midwife should accompany on transports in a non-illegal state. In an illegal state when transporting to a hostile hospital, I think it is the midiwife's and family's decision. Sorry the staff was so awful, sadly staff can be unfriendly regardless of legality. I will share some of the tips I learned to (hopefully) make transport a better experience for all in another post.

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