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October 02, 2008



FYI - I linked to you again!



Thanks Kim!!!!


I have read with interest all your blog. I can reconnect because my birthing process has left me physically and emotionally scarred and I hope my next baby, possibly a VBAC heals me

A short version: After my c section, I developed tachycardia due to being anxious and tired. My doctor then forced me to go through a CT scan and told me I had developed blood clots. I was then given thinners to disssolve those clots and my incision opened up. I then had a second CT which showed there were no clots ever. The first CTA was inconclusive. My whole story is on my blog


Prachi, I am saddened by your story and wish you healing. Thank you for sharing.


Great questions... & ones I welcome.


Glad you like the post! I just realized I should have said midwife too! And just added that, but think it messed up my trackbacks. Oh well :).

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