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March 12, 2009



It is similar in Massachusetts. I blogged about in, as well, from the ICAN research -- http://a-mom-is-born.blogspot.com


Sadly in our society women are fearful of birth. Yet, we are so powerful when give birth.
VBACs are safe and have been proven as such but the medical community has yet found another way to "dominate" us.
We'll keep up the good fight thank you very much!!


I'm pregnant, and I am planning to deliver at Washington County Hospital. My doctor has been encouraging me to VBAC.


Marcy, I don't mean to second guess your doctor but have you asked him for his VBAC stats? I was told by the practice I was using that I could have a VBAC too but one day a midwife in the practice who knew how passionate I was about VBACing told me, well, yes, but probably only if I showed up 10 cm and pushing. I thanked the midwife, grabbed my records at the desk, and left. In other words, docs might say they are supportive but when it gets down to it, they aren't. Have you seen a copy of the Business of Being Born or read a copy of Ricky Lake and Abby Epstein's "Your Best BIrth." I would also email Barbara Stratton, ICANofBaltimore@comcast.net, to get Washington County Hospital's VBAC stats (she has them, I will be getting them soon). Good luck on your journey!



I didn't ask for stats. I'm high risk, and he was recommended by the high risk clinic at Hopkins, so unless I need to be at JHU, I'm on board with this practice. Both JHU and my doc feel, due to my condition, that a VBAC is the smarter way to deliver. I thought that given my condition, they might steer me toawrd the repeat section, but I've been pleasantly surprised with everyone's attitude. I told them that I'd do whatever everyone felt was best for me and the baby, and the answer has been VBAC everytime.


I am very glad your doctor is supportive and I would love to hear your birth story if you are willing to share.
your in birth,


I had my two baby's via c- section and it is becoming increasingly impossible to find a doctor who will help me have a VBAC. I really hate the idea of planning a c-section and I am willing to do what is best for me and my child. All I have been asking for is to be examined to see if I can potentially have a VBAC. I am so frustrated and i am asking if anyone knows of a doctor will be willing to help me in this quest or at least examine me and tell me that it is impossible. I live king county in
washington state.


I would start by visiting the ICAN Seattle website, http://icanseattle.wordpress.com/. I will also email you off line the names of a midwife or two who will do VBACs (I have a friend who is a midwife here who used to live/practice in Washington State.
You can't have an exam to tell if you can have a VBAC. It is true that there are things that lower your chance of uterine rupture (not being induced, having a transverse incision etc.) and that the risk of rupture can be as low as .2%. What every women needs to know about Cesarean Section (http://www.childbirthconnection.org/article.asp?ck=10164) is another great resource.

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