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May 17, 2009



This sort of stuff turns my stomach. I must admit, I'm terrified of having my babies at the hospital. I just don't know HOW that doesn't turn surgical. I'm not even guaranteed to get MY doctor... or a doc I've ever met. With my luck, I'll probably get the a$$h0le!!!! OB I left after my third miscarriage.

Thank you for sharing this story. Now off to No Womb Pods!


Remember, you are the consumer! I would hire a doula with a ton of hospital experience and make sure your partner can really advocate for you as well. You can do it! Of course you could always decide to run the other way and have the twins at home, assuming there is a very experienced midwife near you and assuming that would be a safe choice given your situation.
yours in birth,


How horrible! It's like you can't even trust OB;s anymore! I heart midwives :-)


That is unbelievable. Women are at the mercy of these doctors and hospitals after having gone through hours of labor. There should be some type of power given to the mother, or a second opinion required first type of system in place. Just cutting open a human being and performing major surgery for no reason is unacceptable.

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