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July 13, 2009



Thanks so much for sharing this important information!!!


great post. women need to remember that they birth their own babies, their providers don't "deliver" them. it is their body, their baby, their birth...what they say goes! i'm amazed at how often they say things like, "oh you didn't do this or that? my doctor automatically just tests us for X at our 28 week appointment" or whatever. its sad how nothing is explained to them, they are just told its "time to do it". same goes with things like induction. i often hear "my doctor doesn't let any of his patients go a week past their due dates." there are so many things wrong with that statement, one of which is "doesn't LET you? um, WHO'S baby is this again???"


Thanks! Did you read my post yesterday, http://empoweredbirth.typepad.com/empowering_birth_blog/2009/07/large-post-date-second-baby-unmedicated-midwife-birth-in-hospital-with-doula-and-husband.html where the neonatologist wanted to schedule a cesarean for an "11 pound" baby? Talk about lack of informed consent. This information needs to get out there quickly.


This information is so beneficial. I wish it was shared more widespread throughout the birth communities in America. I just try to let my clients know that they have the RIGHT to BIRTH without FEAR no matter the environment in which it occurs.

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