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August 14, 2009



Because people want to think that whatever the OB's promote or advise is safest, when in reality, WE know it is not. Until there is a change in tides, and the VBAC numbers climb like in the 90's people will think that every woman that has a VBAC is going to die. (BIG EYE ROLL!!)


Right, no one mentions the 100% aspect when discussing the risks of amniocentisis, because they WANT you to have one. Whereas they don't want you to have a VBAC.


It is sad though. It was a midwife who most recently mentioned this famous phrase. It was in reference to the latest research on intrapartum antiobiotics for known Group B strep colonization. I think she said it before realizing the implication of what she said. My thought was, what about the risk of giving antibiotics to the large number of women who are positive for Group B Strep? What about effect on the immune system of the newborn, etc. etc.? Amniocentesis is a great example of a procedure that is often marketed as a harmless procedure but which carries risks. Chorionic villus sampling is another, with a miscarriage rate that is similar or higher then uterine rupture.


I've never heard that! That's pretty obnoxious.

You should submit it to Rebirth Nurse's blog carnival about the worst things you can say to a pregnant woman.


I think a lot of times, an evaluation of this comment depends upon who's uttering it.

My guess is that when it comes from a *mom*--whether she was that "statistic" who went septic following a post-operative infection or she was that "statistic" who lost her uterus or baby after a rupture--then the comment is more excusable. It's her pain, her trauma, and pain and trauma have a funny way of taking over *everything* when one is experiencing it.

BUT, when it comes from a "well-meaning" (and probably uninformed) friend or family member, it's annoying and infuriating.

AND, when it comes from a care provider, it's just asinine, paternalistic fear-mongering. And as many others have pointed out elsewhere, OBs probably refrain from applying the "100% comment" to *medical procedures* since those procedures are much easier to control than vaginal birth.


I definitely agree that who says it determines how it is interpreted. In my case, it was almost always the care providers. The last time I heard it was during the farewell conversation I had with my care providers when I made the decision to birth at home.

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