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August 01, 2009



The moment she realized she did it and looked up in shock, while holding her third baby born naturally, and said, "I DID IT!" I just started crying.

Oh that is how every birth should be!


Absolutely, stunningly beautiful and moving. Thank you so, so much for sharing this.

-Kristen, proud VBAC mama


This video had me in tears from the first C/S but at the end I was really crying. I had a c/s and then a VBAC at home. I loved the letter you wrote to your doctor! Good job, Mamma! I actually said that out loud as I watched this video with my 2 1/2 year old, and he repeated me, "Good job, Mama!" Funny after my VBAC I looked at my husband and said "we did it, Babe," and he said "YOU did it." It is so rewarding to do a VBAC after being told that you can't. So let this inspire all the women out there to have their babies at home, and those faced with a choice of C/S or VBAC let them choose VBAC at home! Congratulations! -Brandie Lee


And a big thanks to Alexandra for creating this and allowing us to post it!

Rebekah Walker

I have had two c sections one 9 years ago followed by a healing vbac then this year i had another c section which was nessesary after failed ventouse but heart breaking i have been told that i must have a c section next time... thankyou so much for sharing your story i have been so so upset since the birth of my 3rd child. knowing that i want another and thinking that it would have to be via c section. the hope i feel after watching your story is wonderful. thankyou so much thankyou


There is hope! I friend of mine had two cesareans and is planning her home birth (sometime this month!). Visit ICAN (http://www.ican-online.org/vbac/vaginal-birth-after-multiple-cesareans) for more info on VBAC after multiple cesareans.

Megan Nelson

Amazing. Beautiful. And so, so inspiring for a soon-to-be HBACer. Thanks for posting.


It gives me hope as i enter my road to vba2c. Thank you, you have a beautiful and encouraging story!

Ruth Rodley

This made me cry so much...I am planning a VBA4C, I am due May 3rd. I have never gone into labour so am praying that this time it will happen. We have Pslam 20 and also Proverbs 3:5-6 which we believe are completely God given to us. Our OB is happy for us to try and my midwife/mother in-law is right by us in our decision.
I would love to hear from you about your experience, Bless you and your family heaps.


Ruth, good luck on your journey! You might want to read this article, http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/178088.php, re new research which shows that women trying for a VBAC after three or more cesareans may have the same success rate and maternal morbidity as those trying for a VBAC after one prior cesarean. You can find my VBAC story here, http://empoweredbirth.typepad.com/empowering_birth_blog/2007/05/a_story_of_two_.html. You are very blessed to have found a supportive OB. Around here OBs won't even attend VBA2C do to the culture of fear. Blessings!

Susan Peterson

I had a VBAC back before that abbreviation was even invented. I had my C section in 73 and my VBAC in 74. My VBAC was a midforceps rotation delivery and not very wonderful, except that it happened. My next birth, spontaneously completed in a hospital, still was not what I wanted, ending up with my feet up in stirrups in the OR/delivery room and me angry at the doctor who had said I could deliver in the labor bed.

I had the rest of my babies, six more, at home. Getting to give birth the way I wanted to was the triumph of my life. Even people at home birth conventions didn't believe I could have a home birth after my "bad" obstetrical history- created by obstetricians, in my opinion- with my first two. I am grateful to the doctor who "let" me give birth vaginally when very few doctors would even think of this, but the whole thing was still so far from what birth should be, something which somehow was possible for me in my own house with a friend who had been to a few births. (And a back up family practitioner who believed in birth and in me.)

I loved this movie. I would have liked to see the baby emerge in the home birth, as a contrast to seeing the other two come out of the abdomen. I was surprised, by the way, that it wasn't easy to get the second one out of the abdominal incision. It almost looked more difficult than a birth.

I wanted to say that the husband's support in this video was outstanding, all the way through. He deserves some words of praise as well.


Lady, you are AWESOME and you have an AMAZING husband as well. I would be lying if I didn't tell you I am still teary-eyed typing this. Thank you for sharing this story. Blessings to you and your family.


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Thank you for posting this, you have given me hope. I am a young healthy mom of two, both delivered by "elective"(Dr. forced) c-sections with terrible experiences. I also had long wait periods before I could hold my babies, the first was approximately 5 hours, the second was over a day without even seeing him beyond an incubator in the delivery room for <1 min because he needed the NICU. I am waiting until my 2nd child is 2 yrs old before trying for our 3rd and hope to have a successful VBA2C.


The good news is that if you decide you are more comfortable birthing in a hospital, thanks to ACOG's new guidelines which say that VBAC is a safe and appropriate option for moms who are VBACing after two cesareans, http://www.salon.com/wires/allwires/2010/07/21/D9H3M1100_us_med_repeat_c_sections/index.html, you might be able to find a doctor in a hospital who would support you. Good luck VBACing after 2 cesareans and keep me posted.


That was great! I want a vba2c myself but doctors here don't support it. If anyone can tell me of any place in GA or FL that allows/encourages it, enlighten me please. I am in Brunswick, GA but will travel to have a vbac if necessary.


Kara, I just sent out an email (I was out of town) and will email you offline if I find someone who can help you.


Hi, this is beyond beautiful. i've had two c-sections. first one was to baby's heart rate being low possible because i was induced(big mistake). i chose not to wait although nurse thought we can wait and see. i made the choice of calling my doctor. second c-section was a repeat c-section due to my daughter being 13 months when i got pregnant. i'm currently pregnant and hoping for a vba2c. i feel like i got cheated and never had the beautiful experience of vaginal delivery. the problem i'm having is that i have straight medi-cal and having a hard time finding a doctor that is willing to do it. we'll see what my ob seing at my next appointment. i live in irvine, ca if anyone knows how i can have a list of doctors that take straight medi-cal to find out if they support vba2c. thanks a bunch!


This is absolutely beautiful! I have had 2 sections, first one at 17 yrs of age (im convinced now, that the idiot doctor didnt think i could handle a vaginal birth, and me, being so young and not knowing better, jsut went along with his plans) and my second was April 26, 2010. Thought about a vbac with that one, but still wasnt educated and just kind went along with what the dr's said. I regret that decision SO much. I want SOOO badly to have a vaginal birth with my next baby. But i have a feeling it will be damn near impossible to find a doctor around here that will let me (we are a military family who sees military "doctors") I will go through hell and high water to be able to birth my baby the way I WANT TO. This gives me so much hope, thank you for all of this!!


You are such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing.

Sarah Sanders

Thank you for Sharing this!!! It is Beyond Breathtaking~ I also had 2 c's. First was an emergency C in 2005 Doctor Forced. Didn't hold our daughter for 24 hours. A second to follow in 2008 (being I had a previous performed) was able hold him right away. We are currently with child and plan to have a VBA2C in August of this year. My Doctor hasn't asked Our birthing choice, I noticed my chart already states "3rd Cesarean date to be chosen at next visit." Ha! We'll see how this unfolds, something tells me I need to find a midwife asap. GOD Bless us All!!


I love this and just want to comment that among the very many amazing things about this film, the dad so lovely and supportive and said such great things with all three births! It's really nice to see that.

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Thank you! I didn't know they picked up on it until I saw your comment.


Today is my 30th birthday...and I have to thank you. Thank you so much for opening your heart and sharing such an intimate part of you and your family. Thsi video has to be by far the best gift I have received. My husband and I are hoping to have our third (and probably) last child soon and after tqo c-sections I am still left feeling cheated, empty, sometimes sad over the fact that I could not deliver my boys naturally. I am hoping that this time around I can have a VBA2C...but I have to admit, I am petrified and sometimes feel whether or not it's even possible. Your video was such a breath of fresh air...it gives me hope! I just hope that once we are pregnant I can find someone to help me accomplish this as I live in NJ and it is a State which does not welcome VBAC's with open arms :( Thank you so, so much for this and congratulations on your success!

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