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October 30, 2009


Knitted in the Womb

I have one of these pelvises, and you are exactly right, they are SUCH a great teaching tool. If I had to give up all of my teaching supplies except one item, that would be what I'd keep. I can live without handouts, whiteboards, tennis balls in socks...but give me my flexible pelvis!

Janelle Wahlman

I am midwife currently caring for a woman whose tailbone fractured during her first delivery. I asked her about birth positions, and she said she was in a semi-sitting position. If a woman could see what this does to her tailbone and how the room for baby to descend is limited, perhaps she'd be more motivated to stay off her back (or butt!)


Maybe you should lend her a pelvis and a doll :).

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I mean what is the objective of this post, merely informative or something more ?


Instead of simply reading about the cardinals movements, we are able to recreate them, one by one through this plastic pelvis.

Deborah Mcphail J
Owner - Baby Swing Reviews


I much prefer to give birth in a static location. There are few things that can be as embarrasing as public birth. Plus just remember that this will pass and you will heal.

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