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November 21, 2010


Vanessa the Pittsburgh Doula

I would love to attend, but I can't afford it right now. It is several hours from my home also and sounds like a wonderful experience!


We started saving almost a year in advance and also stopped all our monthly savings to help pay. That was a bit hard to do but it is an investment in our future as well and so worth it! Maybe you can attend next year or the year after!

Anna @ Midwife Salary And Career Center

Good luck! I think you'll do great at Sacred Mountain :-) And practicing in Western Africa must be scary, exciting, amazing all at the same time. Been reading your blog but felt like I should say hi!

Best Wishes

sheila sudlow

Here in the uk i wanted to be a midwife a rang a college and they said oh not just anybody can attend the cource it takes someone really speical and she put the phone down! that is as far as it got without another word .but it doesnt matter i helped deliver my grandaughter on a carpet too late for hospital great experience but very shocked


Best wishes on both your studies and your new baby! And I'm praying that you get the experience that you need out of your international trip, whenever that is--just remember that overseas midwifery is so different from what we have here in the states!


Thanks! I don't know when I will get overseas, that is a dream of ours... I finish school at Sacred Mountain this month and just turned in my application to NARM yesterday!!! I was blessed with a baby that loves to go to births so I am continuing on with my current preceptors until next year when I will sit for the NARM exam.

Susan Betke

I am hoping to attend the April and possibly the may sessions before I have my 8th baby. I am due between the middle of May and beginning of June. I will probably take the June and July sessions off. It will be an 11 hour drive but I know it will be worth it!!! Hope to see you there.

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