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June 20, 2007



Interesting point. The "casual chatter" caught my eye. As I recall there was no casual chatter from the point in time in which I was anesthetized for my c-section. But, prior to that as they were prepping the room the 3 people present did have some light chatter and joking around. Maybe because I was alone, and hadn't had any contractions yet so didn't have any real labor feelings, but having the joking to focus on helped me relax. The anesthesiologist did have the good sense to talk to me about it after a couple of minutes, which would have given me an opening to say I minded it was happening. Perhaps that makes a big difference.


I think that there can be a place for casual chatter if it is welcomed by the mom but I've also heard stories of disrespectful banter and this can violate the sacred space of birth. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Ellie Calo

I love this list. I am pregnant with baby #2, had to have emergency c-section with #1 and was (and still am) devastated. I wish I'd known about the double vs. single layer incision closure -- I had staples, and the babies will only be 21 months apart, so my chances for VBAC risks are increased. If I'd had sutures, my risk would be that much lower.

Also, I would like to add a list point -- I had labored for 19 long, trying hours and was crying hysterically over the need for the cesarian. As they were prepping me at 5:30am, the doctors put on rap music in the O.R. On a regular day, I'm a fan, but at that moment I thought it was very insensitive and inappropriate, and asked them to please either put on something more soothing or turn it off completely -- but I shouldn't have had to ask at such a difficult time...


So sorry to hear of your experience! I agree, OBs need to remember that while it is another day of work for them it is a once in a life-time experience for the mom. I know of a mom who recently had a VBAC with babies 15 months so it is possible! Good luck and take good care of yourself (diet is especially important).


This is my first birth and because my baby is still breech i must have a c-section. I was mortified since i was originally planning a homebirth. This Birth plan is super helpful. I feel better knowing im not the only person having to go through this.


I am glad you found it helpful! I am forever grateful to my midwife who made sure I had a double layer suture and who made sure Khady got to the breast as soon as possible and stayed there. I wish I had seen this before, there were other things I would have changed, but I am satisfied knowing that others will be more informed then I was and will have a cesarean that is kinder to baby.

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i like this part of the post:" We realize that cesareans and other surgeries are a common event at hospitals. " is very good


Thank you thank you for this sample birth plan. Dr Sears had a good one too. And i need both. i'm in week 36 and going to see my dr in a few days. it will be the last time i see her before we head to the hospital on nov 19. the more i read and learn about cesarean, the more panicked i feel. this makes me feel a little better!


I am glad you found it useful. Barbara Stratton, the author, is a tireless advocate for cesarean awareness! Good luck!!


This is wonderful. I had a cesarian in 2007 and didn't know my son had even been born until ten minutes later!! He was clean swaddled hypoglycemic and in nic unit on formula right after. In five weeks I am having a c-section again. I am glad to have found this page!!! It really hurt and I feel robbed of that moment if birth, my baby didn't lay on my tummy in a natural state. He'd already been prepped first ;-(


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I love this plan I am going in for planned section after a horrible 1st birth with my son that lasted over 28 hours and I feel I was robbed of holding my son and bonding with him and breastfeeding until hours afterwards-- Thank you so much for posting this plan I am adapting it now to my own wishes for this Fridays delivery. Thank you

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