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December 02, 2010



I just stumbled upon your blog as I was searching for "home birth blogs". My story sounds similar to your own, minus the becoming a midwife part. With my first child I was forced into an unnecessary c-section, although my entire pregnancy was very low-risk and perfectly healthy. For my second child I opted for a homebirth, not wanting a chance that they would give me another c-section, especially as my babies like to show up a week or two past the "due date". My husband and I are working on making our third, which is definitely going to be another homebirth! Rock on!

Alison L Longley

I agree, listen to your body! it knows and speaks it's own true language and when you pay attention, the sense of empowerment is huge! Thanks for a great post!


I too am a student midwife, 27 wks preg with #9 and wondering how it will work after baby gets here. One day at a time, indeed!


I wish you all the best in both your pregnancy and your studies.

Accelerated Nursing

Totally agree with you. If we take time to listed to our bodies, we can learn so much and we can be healthier and happier.


This is a great article and so well said


Hello, I must say that we must listen to our body generally, not only in pregnancy, especially when we try to conceive. This helps our body listen to us also, and so we get perfect harmony.
Thank you

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