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April 16, 2011



The first part of your post had me in tears. I am devastated by these charges against Karen. I had no idea this was happening until a few days ago. Can you give us more details? Where is the trial?


Makes me sick to my stomach picturing her like that. Thank you for being there for her.


This is devastating news. Karen attended my third son's birth and it was the most powerful experience of my life. Do you know if she will be released before the trial, or will she be jailed until June? This is terrible!


Jaimee and Soracrunchymom, I will put you on my email list so that you are sent details for where/how/when you can support Karen. Thankfully she is not in jail now but out on bail. Tammi, thanks for your comment.


Please add me to your email list! Thanks!

Erin Ellis

Kat, thanks for writing about this. Reading your experience created a very strong visual (and emotional) picture for me. My heart goes out to everyone involved. I hope the family finds healing in their own way, and I hope everyone can find it in their hearts to be compassionate with one another.


Elena, done!

Erin, my prayers are that in the end, somehow, some good will come of this situation for moms, babies AND midwives.

Diana Howes

I wish there was a "religious group" for all natural alternatives like midwifery or [w]holistic alternative healthcare - like nutrition to treat illness & would cover the huge liabilities like these so that people wouldn't loose their lives from tragedies like this. Up to this point it appears compiled is one unethical act upon a tragic outcome.


Karen was my midwife for my twins' home waterbirth. She was the only midwife who would do a home twin birth at the time and traveled to Central PA, so that I could peacefully birth my babies at home. If it weren't for midwives like Karen, we wouldn't have the option to have such "high risk" births as twins & breech babies @ home. Such a ridiculous thing to prosecute such a caring & kind soul!

Dr. Kim Osborne

You know the whole fractured system just makes me SICK. How Is it companies like Merck can knowingly market and sell a drug for nearly four years, like Vioxx, account for nearly 40,000 sudden cardiac DEATHS and no one is ever held accountable for anything and they still kept the financial benefit of marketing this in 80 countries to multiple millions of people. The best place they can focus their time is this poor woman. REALLY!!

Bonnie B Matheson

This is a good place to begin fighting to make birth the property of mothers. Not midwives, mothers. Women have the right and it should be a law if it is not already to birth their babies in any way that suits them.

For many that means the hospital. But for others it means home. I believe that home birth is safer for the mother and the baby.

Doctors who have NEVER EVER SEEN a home birth do not know what they are talking about when they condemn the custom. Women need to feel safe when giving birth. If they feel safe birth generally proceeds smoothly. But if they become threatened or afraid labor often stalls. In hospitals this is a great opportunity for interventions. And eventually more than a third of women who go to the hospital will suffer a C-section. (and I DO mean suffer)

Midwives are not doctors (thank God) and they do not practice the medical model of care (which is so flawed and full of "holes" that it really should be revamped. Doctors use the term evidence based for things that absolutely aren't. The Midwives model of care is a non-medical waiting procedure where nurturing and calm acceptance of the vaguaries of birth give women the flexibility to find their perfect birth.

Midwives help with this, but women can actually do it alone. Birthing a baby is a natural act.


Bonnie, Absolutely! I am hoping that the good that comes out of this whole deal is that women stand up for their right to informed choice AND (I hope!!!) organize to get a good law to support this choice in Maryland.

Desiree M.

I have been praying for you midwife. This breaks my heart.


Gah! What is WRONG with our country? Why do we strip people's choices from them and prosecute those who give an alternative path? I don't know who is prosecuting this poor woman, but it isn't fair. THIS is why a universal health care system scares me to pieces; the legal and health care system in this country is too backward to allow people choices! I will pray for this lovely midwife's freedom, especially for her, but also for those of us who are "shackled" as well when our midwives' rights are taken away.


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