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November 25, 2012


patsy harman

I loved your review of The Midwife of Hope River. I'm the author, Patricia Harman, and I read a lot of them! I haven't written historical fiction before. I set the book in the 1930s mainly because I thought it would be interesting since the world is going through the "Great Recession" now and people could relate. Little did I know the amount of research it would take on every page. The cost of gas, the cost of a loaf of bread, what it would take to get from one county to the other, what the roads were like and all that stuff on prohibition. What's great is that, with effort, it's all there on the internet. If I went backwards I could find it again. I never thought of listing my sources and don't think most novelists do, although maybe I'm wrong. Even the info on what people did for postpartum bleeding is there.
I agree with you that telling stories is a way to educate people. I've been surprised that the book hasn't been more controversial. I thought the home birth people would say I made birth seem too scary and I thought the hospital birth people would say I made it look like anyone could have a baby at home. Actually I think most people who aren't high risk would do better at home. Thanks for reading the book and for the time you spent reviewing it. I am always interested in what people think...as you know from reading The Blue Cotton Gown. Peace, Patsy


I am so glad! I am moving to West Va in the Spring and hope to have the chance to meet you. And I look forward to reading you next book!

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